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  • What We Do

    PhotoBooth Skins.

    Hard wearing - Laminated - Supplied with velcro - Free Bag with every full set

    Our Photo Booth skins are printed direct to 1mm pvc, then laminated with either a gloss or matt laminate.

    These have proven to be the most long lasting way of producing skins, with the constant use they will last a long time.

    Glitter Skins

    Sparkly - Hard wearing - Laminated - Supplied with velcro - Free Bag with every full set

    As with our printed Photo Booth skins, we over laminate the glitter skins for longevity and protection,

    glitter skins are not cheap so we do our best to make them last.


    Custom Printed - Delivery Available - Supplied with pockets ready to go - Banner Hanging Systems Available

    Backdrop systems available up to 3m wide, these fold down into a small carry bag.

    Once a system is purchased, we can supply your printed backdrops ready to go by next day courier.


    Insta Frames - Custom Frames - Custom sizes

    We can supply your instagram frames or any custom designed frames to any sizes.

  • Services

    Design - Print - Installation

    In House Design

    Custom design for Skins, Backdrops, Frames anything you want.

    If you have an idea for your own set of skins, contact us and we can

    put them together.

    From a simple logo on a booth to a full graphic on 5 skins.


    We can design your Backdrops etc and send to you for approval and then produce and dispatch.


    We try to make it easy as possible.

    Large Format Print

    We print big stuff

    From posters to Banners, business cards to Direct to media print,

    we are also a large format print company so we specialise in roller banners of all sizes, pop up stands and large format graphics.


    Please call for more info

    Vehicle Graphics

    Advertsie and be seen

    Vehicle graphics are seen by an average of 3000 people a day, so why not look more professional and brand your vehicle with graphics or our fantastic magnetic signs,


    Please call for more info

  • Our Skin Designs

    White Chesterfield

    The Old Classic

    Can be supplied as a full set of 5 skins or as 2 pairs without the centre panel.

    All sets come with a skin bag and velcro attached.

    Multicolour Wood Booth

    Simple but fun

    Can be supplied as a full set of 5 skins or as 2 pairs without the centre panel.

    All sets come with a skin bag and velcro attached.

    More skin designs coming soon, or contact us about designing you own personalised skins.

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  • Do you need to purchase a Photo Booth or Selfie pod ?

    We will design and supply your skins

    BoothBits engineer and manufacture a range of versatile photo booth for sale, for the portable event industry and static fixed site markets.

    Let us help you get your photo booth business started.

    BoothBits fabricate a range of photo booths and selfie booths for sale intended for the event and entertainment sector, which includes a variety of portable photo booths designed for both the pop-up party hire and fixed asset static markets. Always with an eye for simple, versatility. We can also assist in the design and fabrication of bespoke custom designs.

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